Educator perspectives on the use of technology in schools in previously disadvantaged communities




Technology plays a crucial role in education and many other sectors of the economy. The national lockdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has made apparent the importance of technology in education, with schools that adopted technologies continuing with teaching and learning using remote means, while other schools had to wait for physical classes to resume. The benefits of technology can only be realized if technology is adopted and accepted by the users. Educators are the key players in the success or failure of technology in education.  We used an interpretivist approach to explore educator perceptions on the use of technology in South African public schools. The Motivation-Opportunity-Ability model guided the development of our data collection instruments and data analysis. Purposive sampling was used to select a public high school in an underprivileged Cape Flats community. Participants were randomly selected from the school and focus group discussions and interviews were conducted. A survey was administered to triangulate qualitative data. Results show that educators are interested in using user-friendly and effective technology.  This paper comes as part of a broad study on technology in education. 

Author Biographies

Emely S Mashonganyika, University of Cape Town

PhD Candidate, Department of Sociology

Andrew Marevesa, Cape Peninsula University of Technology

PhD Candidate, Information Technology Department






Special Issue